Patricia Lamar Mullinax was born in Carroll Co. and has lived there all her life. She has one grown son, Todd Parrish. Trisha sold real estate and worked as a beautician for over twenty years in Villa Rica, Georgia. Trisha and her husband, Steve Mullinax, are both Civil War historians and accomplished relic hunters, hunting over many Confederate battlegrounds in the South­ eastern United States. Together, they published two books: Confederate Belt Buckles and Plates in August of 1999 and In the Line of Fire in 2006.

Trisha had a lifelong attraction to this Draketown story, to the community, and to the secrets that lie waiting to be uncovered. When she began the research, she made a startling discovery. She is a direct descendant of Dr. W. F. Goldin, one of the early pioneers in Draketown. Trisha's great-grandmother, Jane, who married Ruben Reid, is Dr. W. F. Goldin’s sister.

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