When you read Tracks, you will feel like you know personally all the characters in this compelling story. The narrative tracks a troubled young man as he comes of age during the time of hippies, drugs, permissive parenting, and a society ill-prepared to deal with such previously unimaginable circumstances. But in the end Brad Berkshire gets his life back on track, a tribute to his moral courage and an inspiring testimony to his new found faith in God.

- Larry G. Johnson, former book reviewer, The Carroll Star News

This is a harsh fact-filled narrative of a young life nearly destroyed by drugs. Brad, an illiterate nine-year-old in the 1960s, is influenced by older kids to drink and take drugs. By age twelve he is addicted to cocaine, then sent to a juvenile detention center. In this powerful story, Brad, now a successful businessman, is ready to tell the secrets of his youth when he struggled to overcome a danger-filled life of petty crime, addictions, and dyslexia.

- Valerie Storey, author of Better Than Perfect

This story, of a literacy student, is one that the reader will never forget, a book certainly worth reading. This young man has unusual struggles, difficult experiences and yet he has determination, heart and the desire to do right. I hope and pray it will make you want to teach someone to read.

- Mrs. Shirley Miller, former first lady of Georgia